Detorque Jet

Detorque Jet
  • Detorque Jet
  • Detorque Jet
  • Detorque Jet

Detorque Jet

  • Product No.: SIP116


  The DetorqueJet  is a highly compact jet without moveable parts. The jet is placed after the set heater and before the third delivery phase and can be used for both S- and Z-texture yarns.

   Detorque jets are used during the false-twist texturing process to eliminate or significantly reduce the tendency of textured yarns to entangle. The jets already reduce the tendency to entangle in false-twist textured yarns at low air pressure and thus improve further processing during subsequent processes.

Features and benefits:

1.Simple maintenance

2.Can be employed with both S- and Z-twist yarns

3.High performance and uniformity of position

4.Only two jet sizes are required for the entire count range

5.Open jet design makes threading is very easy and convenient

6.The ceramic jet insert ensures a high level of wearresistance

7.Requires less air pressure

8.Quick lock for easy installation

9.Very compact, easy installation and problem-free operation guaranteed

10.Eliminates or considerably reduces tendency to entangle in SET yarns


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